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Xocai Chocolate Home Business
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Brunswick Labs is the leading commercial laboratory specializing in the science of antioxidants and oxidative stress. Brunswick Labs has earned a position of respect and trust in the research and diagnostic services related to antioxidants and oxidative stress.

The Brunswick Labs Certified Program is a consumer-focused quality assurance program to certify products that meet
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Welcome to our Xocai Chocolate site.  We value your feedback and questions regarding the unfortunately myth called the "Xocai Scam".  Use this form to tell us about your experience regarding the "so called" Xocai Scam".  If you have a story that you would like to share with us, feel free to do so.  If you would like some more information regarding the Xocai Chocolate business, use this form to request your information.
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requirements for antioxidant testing and labeling. The program is designed to help consumers cut through the confusion surrounding ORAC scores and antioxidant values, as well as to discern which products make questionable claims (Xocai scam) regarding their antioxidant values.

The Brunswick Labs ORAC Certified seal appears on all Xocai healthy chocolate product packaging and offers instant credibility that there is no Xocai scam regarding the Xocai healthy chocolate products and that MXI Xocai is dedicated to responsible product testing.  Brunswick Labs performs ongoing testing on all Xocai healthy chocolate products for ORAC, Flavonoids, Catechin, and Epicatechin content, and certifies those test results.

MXI Xocai Chocolate is family owned, and completely debt free.  The company was founded in 2005 by Jeanette L Brooks and Andrew Brooks.  MXI Xocai company headquarters is located in Reno, Navada.  MXI Xocai Chocolate has reported increased sales and profits each year since 2005.  In fact, MXI Xocai has sold over $1 Billion in total combined chocolate sales - solid, undeniable
facts to disproove the so called "Xocai Scam".. The MXI Xocai Chocolate business opportunity is currently available in 37 countries and territories, making the MXI Xocai Chocolate a truly GLOBAL international home business opportunity - not a Xocai Scam!  MXI Xocai has grown to over 250,000 international home based distributors.

Xocai healthy chocolate products are scientifically proven and engineered to be one of the healthiest "certified" products on the market today!  Think the Xocai compensation plan is just a Xocai Scam?  The Xocai healthy chocolate business compensation plan has created a many Healthy Chocolate Millionaires and a number of Healthy Chocolate Multi Millionaires.  Would you like to be one of them?

Chocolate Home Business Opportunity
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